Aberfeldy Townhall - Doors from 7pm

Star Wheel Press

Our weird hosts. Robots stealing your brain, Northern Ireland as a backdrop to a Hip hop dance off at the school disco, patronising an albino at a wrestling match are all themes for these ginger troubadours. Using only a Fender Bass valve amp and a vintage wood and steel resonator guitar they manage to draw you in to a strange and humorous world. Baritone voice and resonating chords with slam poetry and catchy tongue in cheek choruses. Laugh and cry with our odd, sensitive, local mountain men.

Comparisons - Tom Waits, Sun Kil Moon

Check out the song "Love is Rest" - https://youtu.be/nPOnuKrJRtU


Great controlled jangly guitar sound with a voice that makes you want to listen intently with just enough falsetto and form - her live show transfixes, you try to work out how she's keeping your attention so well with just a usual band setup. She seems to tap into the Human Condition so well - hypnotically engaging with a chorus or riff that shows a sensitivity and pain that we all can identify with. 

Comparisons - Sharon Van Etten, Wye Oak

Check out the song "Help Yourself" - https://youtu.be/b5_Um_6iKNA

The Spook School

Not still or set Spook School are loosly described as punk pop but seem free to jump vocalists and not be bound up by ideas of what they should or shouldn't be. Listen without prejudice and you'll have a great night being entertained by a band that want to set you free with quirky lyrics, bouncing melodies and fuzzy guitars. 

Comparisons - The Wedding Present, The Fall

Check out the song "Binary" - https://youtu.be/pNkxOOIDcCQ

Laurie Cameron  

Total heartbreaker. Is she singing hymns or are these mystical stories of love and loss? The music is subdued but warm and full, it's like she wants you to drift with her through a soundscape thats sonically moody with a darkened sense of place. There's a maturity to her voice and a poetry to her lyrics - beauty and pain but never living you cold or foreign.

Comparisons - Agnes Obel, Emilana Torrini, Quickbeam

Check out the song "Fare Forward" https://youtu.be/dvxN3WaG2jw

Aberfeldy Townhall - Doors from 7pm

Ray Harris

Glasgow's own Ray Harris seems intent on getting people dancing like no one is watching. He's opened for Nile Rogers and the Average White band and has such a free playing form. His band are such an engine and the party will well and truly be on with his brand of soul fever. Consider that there will be live disco soul and funk on a Saturday Night in a town hall in rural Aberfeldy - how can the whole world not want to join in.

Comparisons - Nile Rogers, AWB

Check out the song "Scaramunga" - https://youtu.be/ZBRboVYM1Po

Mutual Benefit

"Skip a Sinking Stone" Mutual Benefit's second album was on heavy rotation last year and what a privilege to have him in Aberfeldy. Jordan Lee is a master of the subdued vocal and cinematic dreamscape and with lyrics like, "Lets take the long walk home and throw away our phones" he transcribes a deep sense of where we are all at right now. Maybe in rural Perthshire with Mutual Benefit at the helm we can finally float and on the tide of this tender music we'll drift away. 

Comparisons - Sufjan Stevens, Elliot Smith

Check out the song Advanced Falconry- https://youtu.be/dlQlokP7IjQ (3:39 in, the wee boy smiling and eating dirt is amazing)

Carla J Easton

There's a playful aspect to Carla J Easton but the music is sonically richer than punk or pop. She has a youthful voice at times and the music can empty right out and what starts as a simple electronic rotation can build to almost a choral and orchestra sound. 

Comparisons - Altered images, Cyndi Lauper

Check out the song "Wanting what I can't have" - https://youtu.be/SqMT22vkLWA

Jamie Sutherland

Jamie Sutherland is of course the solo project of the lead singer of the band Broken Records. A band well regarded and signed to 4AD at one time. If Jamie sings and gives us an inkling of the songs Dia dos Namorados or The Motorcycle Boy Reigns we are not just in for a treat but a significant songwriter with a an ear for melody which is becoming rare.

Comparisons - Nick Cave, Frightened Rabbit, Admiral Fallow

Check out the song: The Motorcycle Boy Reigns https://youtu.be/MM-knPcfF2s

Life Model

There seems to be a strong influence from the Jesus and Mary Chain but their harmonies and pop sensibility keeps their sound cleaner and more welcoming. Musicianship is strong for a new band that craft great melodies.

Comparisons - Kenickie, Cocteau Twins

Check out the song - "Lilt" - https://youtu.be/v0XMMFx9GyY