Aberfeldy Festival 2018


Here comes Aberfeldy No:9


The festival takes place the first weekend in November every year and the majority of it is held in Aberfeldy Townhall. The Line-up focuses on bands and music on the Scottish music scene that are maybe under represented but still have a good following or have had critical acclaim and played on radio stations like BBC6. Although that's not always the case nor an exclusive ruling on who we invite but we do try to include bands that have made an impact on the music scene in Scotland in that year. Ian Rankin has helped to curate for a number of years now and always has a good handle on what bands are worthy of a listen. 

We would love for you to come along - hang out and have a grin or a gin - laugh, cry and just feel the rhythm. Help us Aberfeldy residents get through the winter by joining us for a bit of a party. And then we will keep you (not forever) but in the cellar to keep the hounds happy until May/June-ish time.